Product Name: 18% Sheen SB Clear Lacquer

Product Code: FXSB6002

Product Type: Solvent-Borne

18% Sheen SB lacquer is a product applied on to fully cured powder coating or wet paint basecoat to reduce the gloss level of the finish.

This solution achieves continuity to a matt/satin finish without distortion of the colour.

It can be applied to any powder coating topcoat and is mainly used over powder clear gloss lacquer giving an even higher protection level.

  • Can Be Applied Over Powder Coating or Wet Paint Basecoat
  • No Thinners Required
  • Diamond-Cut Wheels Must Be Powder Lacquered First
  • Best Applied On To A Warm Surface (40°c)
  • Apply Wet Coat
  • Cure for 20 minutes@ 160 °c

These products are designed to cure at high temperature.

Pictures are using FXEP2006 Black Primer as the colour