Why purchase from us?

IPPS/Powder FX are a Tier 1 distributor of Wagner powder equipment for more than 25 years. We have a vast amount of knowledge on Wagner powder guns and fully service and support the units in-house. When we sell a unit it is fully built and tested we then programme the unit to the customer’s requirements only power and air connections are required. We offer full technical support over phone or video, all spare parts are available in stock for next day delivery.

The SPRINT XE 60 Lt Hopper unit has a stainless steel hopper that holds 25 Kg of powder this is used for a dedicated powder supply ie, Acrylic/Polyester lacquer. The hopper feed unit fluidizes the whole powder hopper ensuring a very precise and controlled amount of powder is sprayed with no risk of contamination as the hopper is sealed. The EPG SPRINT XE is used to set and save all parameters. Combined with the PEM-X1 you get a high-quality surface finish.

  • 60 Lt Stainless Steel hopper holding 25 Kg powder sealed with a lid
  • A quick overview of all coating parameters
  • Double-click trigger function for quick programme changes
  • High performance with demanding powder coatings, e.g. Acrylic powder
  • The remote control allows a quick adjustment of the powder quantity
  • Lightweight PEM-X1 powder gun, 490g

Technical data:

Weight:                                  38 kg
Air inlet pressure range:    6 bar – 8 bar
Protection class:                   IP 64
Input voltage:                       85 V – 250 V
Output voltage:                    100 kV
Output Current:                   120µα
Polarity:                                 negative
Max. powder output:          450 g/min
Operating temperature:      5 °C – 45 °C

Wagner Sprint XE Airfluid Unit Includes:

60 Lt Stainless Steel Hopper
Corona manual gun PEM-X1
Control unit EPG SPRINT XE
Gun cable Corona 6 Mt
Equipment Trolly
PI-F1 injector powder pump
Powder hose 5 Mt (Ø 11 mm)
Power cord 3 Mt
Ground cable 10 Mt
Connecting hoses with exhaust hose